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Faceapp quickly became a viral trend with a meteoric success. It rose to the top of everyone’s trending tabs and grew to be one of the most talked about apps to date. No one could have predicted its future of global recognition, but looking back it can seem inevitable. It proved itself to be something that had the ability to maintain public attention – both with its initial design and the user created challenges that followed.

Faceapp went straight to the top of the most popular lists on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively. It grew astronomically, more than anyone could have possibly predicted. The app is an AI face editor that set itself apart with its unique capabilities. It contains basic photo editing properties such as filters and capabilities to improve smiles. Aside from the common uses it also came with more fun features that include gender-swapping and aging among other things.

One of the more popular trends that emerged from the app was the aging challenge. This challenge was one that swept across every popular social media platform, attached with #agechallenge. Every user from those on Instagram to Twitter hopped on the bandwagon as it continued to gain traction. This transcendent ability to appeal to the masses further propelled the craze forward and made it an almost necessity for these social sites and the individuals on them.


The aging challenge is solely the result of Faceapp and originates from the app. It is done by a person taking a selfie of themselves and then using the app’s aging feature. This will age up the individual in the picture and display an older version of themselves – one that many people have fund infinitely amusing. Along with finding its footing with the average population, there has also been a rise in celebrity use of the app as they also take part in the challenge. The use of the app by influencers has surely helped to drive increased traffic to the platform.

Faceapp has certainly, if nothing else, made a splash in the app sphere. Its presence has stirred waves in the online world. Its cultural impact has been significant to all of us, no matter how long it may end up lasting. There is no doubt that in the current moment of time, the app is having a defining moment that continues to be influential to the mainstream consciousness.


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